What It’s Actually Like to Date a Professional Fighter

I want what every girl wants in a man (yes, I said man, sorry ladies). Tall, dark and handsome… and transitions really well from his striking to takedowns and jiu-jitsu. Am I right?!

Ok, maybe being a female mixed martial artist might pose a few more dating difficulties than your average woman. But is dating really easy for anyone?

All personal character defects aside, being a professional MMA fighter does add to the difficulty of finding “the one.” I constantly find myself going on first dates but not many second. Why is this?

I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few select reasons.

You might think that dating another fighter is the perfect solution but that poses a plethora of additional problems. (Let’s save that for another blog)

Let’s say I meet a nice guy but he’s not a fighter, there are still a few other things that make the relationship doomed from the start.

Time Constraints

On days when you have two sometimes three training sessions and are cutting weight for your upcoming fight, it tends to be a little hard to find time for dinner and a movie. If you do find time for the movie, forget dessert because you have to be in bed at a decent hour to get enough sleep for a training session the next morning. It’s hard to be spontaneous and romantic when you’ve got a self imposed curfew like a teenager. If you do end up having dessert you’re lucky. Who knows when you’ll get another free night like this. So enjoy it but don’t expect consistency.


Sometimes it’s nice explaining your passion to another person but other times you just wish they knew what you were going through. When you say you’ve got eight pounds left and hope the salt bath works as good as last time, you don’t want to be looked at like a crazy person. (Even though we are clearly crazy to live and love this lifestyle.)

The Perfect Recipe Myth

If I’m lucky enough to find an understanding man who accepts me as the crazy woman who makes a living from punching people in the face, you better believe that’s not good enough for me. I’m looking for a guy who wants to go to punk rock shows, eat vegan food, travel the world, our physical relationship better be amazing and he’s always available for me, no matter what.

Yes… I know this is a tall order and most likely the reason I’m still single, but I can’t help it. I know what I want!

Granted, these are my own personal opinions and experiences and not every mixed martial artist is the same. However, regardless of my trial and error dating life, I’m a true hopeless romantic and won’t give up no matter how many frogs have to kiss.

I’ll always follow my heart.

It may lead me down a dark alley where I get jumped and beat black and blue at times but then there are the times where it leads you to your favorite dive bar where you meet a handsome stranger who plays your favorite songs on the jukebox, challenges you to a game of pool and you spend the whole night enjoying the music, the cheap beer and each other’s company.

That’s a risk I’m willing to take.




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